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CBD suppositories for fast healing and relief of pain in the intimate area.

CBD suppositories for fast healing and relief of pain in the intimate area.


CANNEFF® SUP from cannmedic are rectal suppositories for rectal use for faster healing and regeneration of the tissue in the rectal area for:


CANNEFF® VAG SUP from cannmedic are vaginal suppositories for vaginal use and provide quick relief of pain and discomfort in:

Pharmacy product

CANNEFF® is available in pharmacies. Ask your nearest pharmacy or order directly online.

Recommended by doctors

CANNEFF® is a new medical product. However, we are working together with doctors to publicise it.

Our market

The German-speaking world needs legally compliant and authorised cannabinoid-based products. We offer an effective and natural method for the relief of numerous indications in the field of gynaecology & urology & general medicine. The positive effects, based on the combination of hyaluronic acid and cannabidiol, can effectively solve many of these needs in gynaecology, urology, internal medicine & surgery. We further are actively involved in the international Business Development of CANNEFF CBD suppositories.

We sell high-quality medical products with the active pharmaceutical ingredient cannabidiol (CBD). We are always working on natural alternatives to existing products, because we care about your health.

Our vision is to promote health and well-being. We strive to become the largest European player in the distribution and development of cannabinoid-based medical products.

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    Philip Schmiedhofer, MSc is Managing Director of cannmedic GmbH. His top expertise lies in the development of medical technology and research with cannabinoids in the field of neuroscience.

    philip schmiedhofer cannmedic

    As co-founder and CEO of cannhelp GmbH, an Austrian CBD pioneer, he has been working as an entrepreneur since 2015 and has an extensive network in the medical field. He can now incorporate his knowledge of the effects of cannabinoids on the central nervous system into the development of innovative products.