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Philip Schmiedhofer, MSc

Philip is Managing Director and co-founder of cannmedic GmbH. With a degree in medical technology and molecular biology, specialising in neuroscience and a focus on cannabinoids, he is a recognised expert in the use of cannabinoids in medicine. As a medical product consultant, he manages cannmedic's sales and offers specialised advice for medical professionals. His expertise includes the development and distribution of cannabinoid-based products. In the field of research, he is involved in important basic research at the Centre for Brain Research at the Medical University of Vienna. As co-founder and current managing director of cannhelp GmbH, a pioneer in the CBD sector, he has many years of entrepreneurial experience. He also maintains an extensive network in the industry and advises international companies in the field of medical cannabinoids.

Dr Iris Pleyer, MD

Iris is an experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician with additional qualifications in anaesthesia and psychosomatics. Her holistic approach enables her to understand the causes of various illnesses in depth and treat them effectively. She has also completed training in orthomolecular medicine. Due to frequent encounters with chronic pain syndromes in gynaecology and anaesthesia, she has been working intensively with medicinal cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD), since 2012. Her extensive therapeutic experience with CBD, her work as an author of patient guides on CBD and her work on therapeutic approaches to addiction cessation in the renowned Swiss Kusnacht Practice underline her expert status. As Medical Director and shareholder of cannmedic, she contributes her extensive medical expertise and network.

Dipl. -Ing. Thomas Bibaritsch

In his role as Marketing Director, Thomas brings a broad range of expertise from more than a decade as an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. His passion for innovative solutions and his extensive entrepreneurial experience give marketing a focussed direction. The effective communication of the innovative health solutions across the appropriate channels is a key factor in positioning CANNEFF products as the leading brand for CBD medical products and further expanding its reach in the relevant target groups. Thomas is co-founder of cannmedic GmbH and has been active in the CBD sector for almost 10 years in various areas.

Unser Markt - Unser Ziel

The German-speaking world needs legally compliant and authorised cannabinoid-based products. We offer an effective and natural method for the relief of numerous indications in the field of gynaecology & urology & general medicine. The positive effects, based on the combination of hyaluronic acid and cannabidiol, can effectively solve many of these needs in gynaecology, urology, internal medicine & surgery. We further are actively involved in the international Business Development of CANNEFF CBD suppositories.

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